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China Taiping SG Go Green Journey

China Taiping SG Green Journey, which is one of our new initiatives, aligns with the global green movement. Our goal is to engage employees to support a sustainable green living and make the Earth a beautiful place to live in.

17 September 2021

Plant-a-Tree CSR Event

In support of the OneMillionTrees movement, we partnered with National Parks Board to organise a meaningful Plant-a-Tree CSR event. Our senior management and employees put on their gardening gloves, immersed themselves in the great outdoors at Coney Island and planted a total of 50 trees. We are extremely proud to be part of this movement to make this little red dot a greener place.

Click here to view event highlights.

1 September 2021

Plant-based Snack Month

As part of our go green initiatives, we encourage our employees to lead a more eco-friendly live by eating less meat and going plant-based. We had a plant-based snack month in September whereby nuts, grains & beans snacks were distributed every week. These vegan snacks not only come with health benefits such as lowering cholesterol levels and chances of heart disease, they also help reduce carbon emission.

21 May 2021

A Greener Workplace

We are making a committed change to become a greener workplace for the betterment of our planet. Some of our many sustainable efforts in the office includes:

  • More recycling bins in the office

  • Using e-documents instead of printed ones

  • Switching off the lights during lunch hour

  • Replacing desktops with laptops to save 80% of energy

23 April 2021

Virtual Lunch Talk : Redesigning, Rethinking for a Sustainable Green Living

To kickstart our Go Green journey, we organised an informative lunch talk for our employees in collaboration with Terra SG. The talk highlighted how climate change affects Singapore and how we can rethink possibilities in sustainability. Biodegradable and compostable cutlery was used during lunch as our way of supporting the green movement.

There was also a virtual tour of the Sustainable Singapore Gallery covering water management and zero-waste initiatives and a fun demo on how to make a “paper wallet” using upcycled materials.

Through this virtual talk, our employees had a better understanding of sustainability and how individuals can play a part in our Go Green journey.