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Ensure Your Child Is Well-Protected

Do you know that you can purchase insurance for a newborn? Premiums typically increase with age, hence it is essential to start planning for your children as early as possible to mitigate any possible risks they might encounter in the future.

Children are our gifts of love and their tomorrows are brimming with endless possibilities. As parents, we put in our best effort to ensure their happiness, well-being, and safety. There are many things that are beyond our control, but there are also significant steps we can take for their protection.

One of our most important responsibilities is ensuring that our loved ones are shielded against unforeseen accidents and illnesses. This is why regular vaccinations are mandated by the Ministry of Health, from infancy and until they grow into young children, while they are still building their immunity and adapting to the outside world.

Give our children wings of independence so they can fully enjoy the joys of childhood; at the same time, make their safety our utmost priority.

CT113 Dengue box

What can parents do to provide a safety net for their children?

CT113 Panda Safe box

Panda Safe

Safeguard your little ones at all times

It is designed for children from as young as one year old to 18 years old, Panda Safe safeguards them against unforeseen common incidents among children such as Dengue Fever and Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease.

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 i-Secure Legacy

i-Secure Legacy (II)

Safeguard your future to a lifetime of security

i-Secure Legacy (II) locks in an immediate high coverage of up to 5X against Death, Total and Permanent Disability, and Terminal Illness - so parents can have peace of mind as their children enjoy guaranteed lifetime protection. Enhance your children’s protection by adding on the EarlyCare Rider to further safeguard your children against 161 medical conditions, including 12 Juvenile Conditions.

12 Juvenile Conditions Covered
General Tetanus Rabies
Glomerulonephritis with Nephrotic Syndrome Respiratory Diphtheria
Han, Foot, Mouth Disease with Severe Complications Rheumatic Fever with Valvular Impaiment
Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus Severe Haemophilia
Kawasaki Disease Severe Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis
Osteogenesis Imperfecta Type I Juvenile Spinal Amyotrophy

Parents’ obligations are for life and often begin even before a child is born. Ensuring your children’s secure future is as important as taking care of their daily needs. This responsibility means being adequately prepared for unexpected situations, such as unfortunate events or a financial emergency, so that the quality of your children’s life will not be compromised. Insure your child as soon as they are born to safeguard them. With proper insurance plans in place, any future risks or threats will be minimised. Here at China Taiping, we offer a wide range of insurance plans that are not just catered to children, but also for parents and individuals, such as Savings Insurance, Legacy Insurance, Whole Life Insurance, Retirement Insurance and many more. Be well-prepared for whatever life throws at you, and you can fully enjoy parenthood and completely cherish each of your child’s milestones.

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