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BI - Marine Hull Insurance

Marine Hull Insurance Claims


For this class of Claims, it is essential for the Insured to take necessary steps at the onset of the discovery of loss or a potential loss.

The steps are highlighted below:

  • To notify all parties concerned immediately of the accident, the loss and damage sustained. Such parties may include but not limit to Shipowners, Charterers, Insurance Company, Relevant Authorities and ship’s Classification Society, Cargo Owners etc.
  • To take such necessary measures as may be reasonable for the purpose of averting or minimizing a loss which would be recoverable under the Insurance.
  • To submit Sea Protest and/or other Accident Report issued by shipmaster and/or crewmember together with other supporting documents such as the abstracts of the Deck/Engine Logbook. In case of collision with other ships, the Insured must put the other parties on Notice, holding them liable for the loss or damage sustained by insured ship and to get all the particulars of the opponent vessel. Do not accept/acknowledge liability before seeking the written approval from Insurance Company.
  • In case of Machinery Damage, keep the damaged parts for the verification by loss surveyor.
  • It is essential for the Insured to inform any accident immediately to the Insurance Company as unreasonable delay or omission may cause the policy coverage partly or totally void.

** The Insured must take reasonable measures to avert or mitigate a loss. The Insured must act as if there is no insurance coverage at all.