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Travelling Safe On Vacations: Is Travel Insurance Necessary

As most countries slowly return to a sense of normalcy amid the COVID-19 pandemic, restrictions continue to ease up, and most people are now free to meet up with friends and enjoy the outdoors at last. These easing of COVID-19 restrictions now also apply to travelling, which means the industry is finally getting back on its feet after months of stagnation. If you and your loved ones are planning a well-deserved vacation and are keen to hit the road soon, it is always best to consider getting a travel insurance first. Travel insurance is a must, given the number of things that could go wrong during the vacation, even if you’re just going to a neighbouring country - whether it is flight delay, lost luggage, or getting COVID-19 prior to departure. 

Having travel insurance is essential regardless of whether you are travelling to a neighbouring country or across the globe for business and leisure. Expecting the unexpected is one of the cornerstones of safe travelling and having contingencies covering a wide range of risks ensures you can enjoy your trip with complete peace of mind.

Why travel insurance is necessary

In general, nothing will disrupt your trip abroad. However, this does not mean there is a zero per cent chance of an incident derailing your plans at any point during your travel. For instance, if you are not the most experienced or street-smart travellers, you are more likely to get pickpocketed or robbed of valuables like cash, passports, and more. Some European countries are among the top tourist destinations where many travellers lose their valuables to pickpockets.

Despite the pessimistic outlook, one must always consider the chances of encountering something more serious, such as an accident during thrill-seeking adventures or even on a normal day out in a new city. Travel insurance includes personal accident coverage should you suffer an accident that leaves you temporarily or permanently disabled or worse. China Taiping Insurance (Singapore) offers a comprehensive and affordable travel insurance plan, Travel Safe,  that protects you against accidents to everything unexpected that may come your way.

In addition, our plan comes equipped with COVID-19 coverage that guarantees you and your loved ones are well-protected should you be diagnosed with COVID-19 on pre-departure and while overseas.

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Benefits of travel insurance

Most individuals would generally think about accidents when purchasing travel insurance, but that is not all it covers. Our Travel Safe covers you for:

  • COVID-19 coverage
    With the risk of catching the COVID-19 infection still a concern, Travel Safe ensures that you are well-protected should you be diagnosed positive during pre-departure and while overseas.
  • Travel Inconvenience
    Be adequately prepared and compensated for various inconveniences like flight or luggage delays, cancellations, overbooking, acts of crime or terrorism, loss of personal belongings, and similar incidents while travelling.
  • Global 24/7 emergency evacuation and repatriation
    Help is just a call away in assisting you to get home safely wherever you are in the world. In addition, personal accidents (accidental death, temporary or permanent disablement) and the medical costs incurred are covered up to a certain limit.
  • Sports and leisure benefits
    Be assured that you are covered against loss or damage to your sports equipment and other extended benefits like home protection, rental car excess, entertainment ticket protection, and more.

Useful tips when getting coverage

Depending on your travel needs, our Travel Safe is available in several plans for different kinds of travellers. When travelling with family, choosing the Travel Safe Family Plan is more cost-effective than opting for the Individual Plan, as it covers children as well. 

For frequent travellers, the Travel Safe Annual Plan is the best option for maximising cost savings on travel insurance.


Despite the doubts on the need of purchasing travel insurance, the fact remains that it is always better to have the protection you need. Travel insurance guarantees that no matter what you encounter in your travels, there is always a helping hand ready to get you out of trouble and bring you back home safe and sound. 

Whether you are seeking whole life insurance, retirement insurance, accident and health insurance in Singapore, or insurance for travelling purposes, retirement, or against critical illnesses, speak to your preferred Financial Adviser Representative.

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