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What type of claim do you want to make?

What type of claim do you want to make?

Motor Insurance Claims

As a value-added service to all our Motor policyholders, we offer immediate accident assistance with FLASH services. In the event of any unfortunate accident, policyholders may contact FLASH hotline @ +65 6100 1620. A FLASH Field Response Officer will arrive at the accident scene within 30 minutes upon hotline activation to assist with the accident reporting.

The policyholder is required to report the accident to any of our listed Accident Reporting Centres with his/her accident vehicle for photo taking within 24 hours or by the next working day, regardless if there is any visible damage, and irrespective of claims from any insurers or third parties. Failure to report within 24 hours of the accident may affect the NCD upon renewal.

Please do not allow the vehicle to be towed away to any other workshops and do not sign any agreement given by any unauthorised tow-truck operators. Click here to view our panel workshops for towing services.

Accident Reporting Procedures

What to do during a motor accident

Make sure everyone is safe and stay calm.

Exchange Particulars

Please take note of the following:

  1. Vehicle Registration Number / License Plates of all vehicle(s) involved.
  2. Name(s), Address(es), Contact No(s), Make of Vehicle(s) and Insurance Companies of all vehicle(s) involved.
  3. If possible, take photographs of all the accident vehicle(s) and the scene of the accident which can be included during e-filing of accident reports later.
  4. If there are independent witnesses available, please note down their Names, NRIC Numbers, Addresses and Contact Numbers.

** Police report need to be lodge first under the following circumstances:

  • When there is injury to any parties (drivers, passengers or pedestrians, including cyclist);
  • When the accident involves any government vehicle or damage to government property;
  • When the accident involves any foreign vehicle;
  • When the accident involves "parked and found damaged";
  • When it involves a "hit and run";
  • Theft of vehicle


In the event of a motor accident, contact FLASH hotline @ +65 6100 1620 immediately.