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BI - Marine Cargo Insurance

Marine Cargo Insurance Claims


For this class of claims, it is essential that precautionary steps be taken at the onset of the discovery of loss or a potential loss.

The steps are highlighted below

  • To put the Carriers, Port Authorities and/or other Bailees on Notice, holding them liable for the loss or damage sustained by the cargo.
  • To call for a survey immediately by notifying the survey agent as listed in the policy (this applies to overseas destination ports) and requesting the carrier or other bailees to attend a joint survey. For inbound cargo to Singapore, please contact our Claims Department immediately.
  • In all circumstance, a clean receipt for goods must not be given especially when goods received are in a doubtful condition. However, if circumstances require, a written protest must follow immediately.
  • It is essential to clause the delivery note / receipt / order if the container is delivered damaged or with seals broken or missing or with seals other that the one explicitly stated in the shipping documents.
  • If the loss was not apparent at the point of taking delivery of the goods, written notice must be given to the carriers or other bailees within 3 days of delivery.

** The insured must take reasonable measures to avert or mitigate a loss. The Insured must act as if there is no insurance coverage at all.