Business Interruption

Business Interruption

Consequential Loss / Business Interruption – Protect your financial losses

In the event of a fire or happening of other insured perils, besides suffering from the physical damage to the insured properties, subsequent losses relating to the interruption of business will be incurred.

At China Taiping Insurance, we can protect all your financial losses at a very competitive premium.

Our Consequential Loss Insurance is designed to indemnify you for losses incurred from business interruptions as a result of damage to your physical assets.

Our coverage will ensure that you are adequately protected in the following areas in the event of disruptions following destruction of your property:

  • Loss of Profit due to interruption as a result of Fire and other perils.
  • Extra expenses incurred to minimise dislocation and restore normal trading conditions as soon as possible.
  • Overheads which continue and must be met despite interference with trading.
  • Wages/Payroll of employees who are retained during the period of interference.

Should your preferred period of indemnity differ from the usual 12 months, the amount insured should be adjusted accordingly. Consideration must be given to your projection in trends in relation to your business.

Policy will indemnify the insured against trading losses due to interruption of the business following damage by fire &/or extraneous perils to the insured premises.


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