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Travel Insurance Tips

  1. Many people do not buy travel insurance when travelling to neighbouring countries for a short holiday. However, many unexpected events can occur within that short period such as falling sick or losing your passport. A comprehensive Travel Safe insurance policy can cover these contingencies at an affordable cost. What’s more, the premium is usually lower for nearby destinations and short period travel.
  2. If you and your spouse are travelling abroad without the kids, it is more economical to buy our Travel Safe Individual Plan. A Family Plan suits better if you are travelling as a whole family including the kids.
  3. If you are a frequent traveller, a Travel Safe Annual Plan would provide you with significant cost savings. However, do take note that your duration of travel should not exceed 90 days for each trip.

Home Insurance Tips

  1. Our UniHome Safe policy is a home contents insurance that covers your home and furniture caused by fire or other insured perils. It also covers any water damage to your furniture when the firemen are putting out a fire at your neighbour’s house.
  2. A basic home insurance policy usually covers only the building’s structure so a separate home contents policy is required if you wish to cover your home renovations and household items. Ideally, the insured amount for the building structure should be enough to cover the cost of rebuilding the property.

Business Insurance Tips

  1. As a property owner, it is extremely important to cover your property with a fire insurance policy. This is to protect your property against any loss or damage caused by fire and other perils such as floods, and to enable your business to resume as quickly as possible after an unfortunate accident.
  2. It is compulsory for employers to cover foreign workers with medical insurance during their period of employment. This is important as these foreign workers no longer enjoy any medical subsidies and their medical insurance can help to defray part of any medical costs incurred.

Maid Insurance Tips

  1. If you employ a domestic helper, you have to be responsible for her proper accommodation, safe working environment and medical needs. This includes bearing the full cost of her medical care should she require medical treatment including hospitalisation. A Domestic Maid Insurance policy would ensure a comprehensive coverage for her employment.
  2. It is compulsory for employers of domestic helpers to take up a Personal Accident Insurance policy for them before they can be employed. The minimum sum insured should be $40,000.00. And any compensation payable should be made to her or her beneficiaries.

Motor Insurance Tip

  1. As a result of the restriction of usage, Off Peak Car (OPC) cars owners generally pay a bit less on our motor premium as compared to normal car owners.

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