Fire/Property All Risks

Fire/Property All Risks

At China Taiping Insurance, we can protect all your financial losses at a very competitive premium.

Protect your properties such as your nicely built homes, your factories, warehouses, or even your stock and contents therein against Fire & Lightning.

Protect your properties against Fire & Lightning as well as the following extraneous perils:

  • Riot & Strike.
  • Malicious Damage.
  • Standard Explosion.
  • Vehicle Impact Damage.
  • Aircraft Damage.
  • Bursting or Overflowing of Water Tanks, Apparatus or Pipes.
  • Earthquake, Volcanic Eruption, Typhoon, Windstorm and Flood.

In addition, you may wish to be protected against the loss of income that your business suffers as a result of the loss & damage which are insured under the above stated perils. In brief, you can insure your Loss of Profits or Increased Cost of Working under our Consequential Loss Insurance.

For your contents such as stock, furniture, fixtures & fittings, equipment and machinery, you can choose to insure under our Burglary Insurance or All Risks Insurance.

This is a comprehensive 'All Risks' cover which offer effective protection to construction work against any unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage from any cause other than those specifically excluded.


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