Foreign Workers' Medical

Foreign Workers' Medical

Be assured that your workers are insured at all times.

As employers, you will be required to purchase and maintain medical insurance for ALL your Work Permit and S Pass holders from 1 Jan 2008. At China Taiping Insurance, we have formulated a competitive medical insurance for all your foreign workers (excluding foreign domestic workers) to assist you as employers, to manage the potentially high medical bills.

Do note that employers are required to furnish the insurance details:

  • for Existing Foreign Workers to MOM from 5 Nov 2007
  • when applying for new issuance and renewal of Work Permits and S Passes from 1 Jan 2008

Our main product features include:

  • No Waiting Period.
  • Waiver of pre-existing condition
  • No minimum group size
  • One premium for each plan
  • Simple, easy to understand

What are you waiting for?

So just give us a call and be assured that your workers are insured at all times so as to enjoy a piece of mind when you run your business.

Benefits (SGD)  
Room & Board Per Day
*(Singapore Government Restructured Hospitals only)

6 Bedded

Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Per Day

As charged up to S$15,000 per Policy Year

Other Hospital Services
Surgical Consultation
In-Hospital Consultation
Pre-Hospitalisation Specialist Consultation
(within 90 days prior to admission)
Pre-Hospitalisation Diagnostic X-ray & Lab Test
(within 90 days prior to admission)
Post Hospitalisation Treatment
(within 90 days of discharge)
Co-insurance / Deductible


Death Benefit


Annual Premium (SGD)
Per Foreign Worker (before GST)



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