BizTrenZ Employee Benefits Package

Who is eligible to be covered?

  1. A full-time employees, aged between 16 to 65 years (inclusive).
  2. A dependant of an employee who is residing in the same country of residence as the employee. Dependant is defined as any of the following persons:
    1. Legal spouse aged between 18 and 65 years (inclusive).
    2. An unmarried and unemployed child aged between 15 days and 18 years (inclusive).
    3. An unmarried and unemployed child aged between 19 and 25 years (inclusive) if he/she is enrolled in an accredited educational institution on full-time higher education, and not in full-time national service.
      A child Dependant shall include stepchildren and adopted children.

What are the coverage available in this plans?

  1. Group Personal Accident (compulsory)
  2. Group Hospital & Surgical With Major Medical Benefits (compulsory)
  3. Group Outpatient – General Practitioner (optional)
  4. Group Outpatient – Specialist Practitioner (optional)
  5. Group Dental Benefit (optional)

 For more details, kindly refer to our coverage details (Core Plans and Riders Plans).

If I have only 2 employees, can I purchase this package?

Yes you can. We need only 2 employees to incept this cover.

Does the policy imposed any waiting period?

There is no waiting period. You will be covered upon inception of the Policy.

Does this policy covers pre-existing conditions?

All pre-existing conditions are covered after the first 12 months of coverage, except for the following benefit, for which pre-existing conditions will be permanently excluded.

  1.  Major Medical Benefits
  2. Outpatient Kidney Dialysis
  3. Outpatient Cancer Treatment

(please refer to policy contract for the full lists and details of exclusions)


If I need to be hospitalized, is there any restriction to the choice of hospitals?

No. You may choose any hospitals in Singapore, whether a Private or Singapore Government Restructured Hospital.


Travel Safe Insurance

Who Can Buy?

  • Singaporean
  • Permanent Resident
  • Employment, Work Permit, Long Term Social Visit, Dependent and Student Pass Holders

Who Can Be Covered In A Family Plan?

  • Single Trip Plan

           1 or 2 adults travelling with any number of children*. The 2 adults need not be related but each child must be related to
           either of the insured adults. All of them must depart and return together.

  • Annual Plan

           Legally married couple with any number of their legal children*. Each child must be accompanied by either parent
           for any trips under this plan

        *Children - An unmarried and unemployed person who is below 18 years of age or up to 25 years of age

          if enrolled or still studying full-time in an accredited institution of higher learning.

How Long Can I Be Covered In A Trip?

  • Single Trip Plan - coverage is up to 182 days
  • Annual Plan - coverage is up to 90 days per trip

      All trips must commence and end in Singapore.

Will I Get A Refund If I Cancel My Coverage?

  • Single Trip Plan: No refund allowed once the policy has been issued.
  • Annual Plan: You may cancel this Policy by giving us 7 days written notice.
    We will grant you a short period refund premium if no claims has been made during the current period of insurance.

    We may also cancel the Policy at anytime by giving you 7 days written notice. You shall be entitled to the pro-rate
    premium refund subject to a minimum premium of S$50.


Personal Accident Safe

Who can apply?

Any Singaporeans, Permanent Residents or Foreigners with valid employment passes who are domiciled in Singapore whose age next birth is between 16 to 65* years may apply. Children between 6 months to 21 years old or extended to 25 years old for those in full-time tertiary institutions can also be enrolled in the Family Plan. For children between 16 to 21 years who wants to enroll in an Individual Plan, only Economy Plan is available.

* Age of next birthday

If I have not made any claim under Personal Accident Safe policy, what monetary benefits will I get upon renewal?

You will enjoy a discount (maximum 20%) on premium if you continue to insure with us.

I am a police officer. Can I buy this plan?

You will not be able to purchase this policy. However you can approach our underwriter to cover you on off duty and leisure hours.


Panda Safe

What is the age limit?

The Child must be Singaporean, Permanent Residents or holding Foreign passport who are domiciled in Singapore. Children between 1 month to 18 years old or extended to 25 years old for those in full-time tertiary institution can also be enrolled.

* Age of next birthday



UniHome Safe

Who can purchase Uni Home Safe Insurance?

Any individuals who owns a flat, apartment or landed property in Singapore that is constructed of brick, stone or concrete and roofed with concrete slate tiles and it is solely occupied for residential purposes.

What is the benefit for choosing a 3 or 5 year plan to an annual plan?

As housing property is a long term commitment, it will make sense for you to insure your housing on a 3 or 5 year cover so that you need not renew your policy every year and enjoy premium savings


Motor Insurance

Why do I need to extend my motor insurance to cover the new road tax period that I am paying for?

It is a requirement for LTA to ensure that there is a valid insurance covering the full road tax period. You would usually need to extend your road tax if you have purchased a used car during the first year. Thereafter your road tax should go hand in hand provided that there is no lapse in either one.

Is your motor premium cheaper than other insurers?

We do not believe in price war. Our motor rates are priced according to our statistical records. We do offer competitive ratings on some selected continental cars and matured (age 35 to 49) drivers.

Does your company pay claims on modified cars?

We shall only consider claims for modified cars on the following conditions:

  • Such modifications does not require LTA’s approval (refer to LTA’s website as guide)
  • the modification is not the proximate cause of the loss / accident

The damaged modified parts shall be replaced by original factory fitted parts. The Company shall have the final decision on the type of parts to be indemnified.

No claims is payable if the vehicle’s modification requires LTA’s approval or any modifications not approved by LTA.

Can I purchase motor insurance with NCD Protector?

As long as you are entitled to 30% NCD, we will incorporate the NCD Protector into your motor policy (Subject to our underwriting terms and conditions. We shall have the final decision whether to grant this benefit to your motor policy)

What will happen if I decide not to renew my motor policy with China Taiping after I have made a claim under the policy which comes with NCD protector?

The NCD protector will protect your NCD for 1 claim if you choose to renew with your existing insurer. If you decide not to renew your motor insurance with us, we will confirm your NCD at a lower percentage. Your NCD will be penalized based on the NCD wordings that are stated in our policy jacket.


Domestic Maid

What does the Domestic Maid Insurance cover?

The Domestic Maid Insurance provides comprehensive coverage, which includes:

  • Personal accident coverage against accidental death, permanent disability and outpatient medical expenses
  • Repatriation expenses
  • Hospital & surgical expenses
  • Termination expenses (exclusive to Plan 2 and Plan 3)
  • Wages & levy reimbursement (exclusive to Plan 2 and Plan 3)
  • Recuperation benefits (exclusive to Plan 2 and Plan 3)
  • Security bond S$5,000

Why does MOM require me to have a 14 or 26 months insurance and bond when MOM only issues a 12 or 24 months work permit? Am I being charged premium for the extra two months of insurance and bond?

This is a MOM requirement. MOM requires all insurance and bond to have an additional two months cover so that in any event / reason the maid overstay in Singapore after her work permit expired, she is still covered under the insurance.

For China Taiping’s Domestic Maid Insurance policy, we charge the premium for a 12 or 24 months period only. We do not charge any additional premium for the additional two months cover.

Can I purchase only the $5,000 Guarantee Bond without the accompanying insurance?

Yes, you may do so.

Do I still need to pay for the $5,000 Security Bond to MOM when I already have purchased the $5,000 Guarantee Bond from China Taiping Insurance?

The $5,000 Guarantee Bond that you purchase with China Taiping Insurance only allows us to act as a guarantor by providing a Letter of Guarantee to MOM on your behalf. This frees you from the need to pay the $5,000 cash up front to MOM when you are applying for a maid.

If you or your maid breaches the rules and conditions set by MOM, MOM will call for the bond from us and we will recover it from you.

If I want to limit my liability on the $5,000 Security Bond, what additional coverage can I take up?

You can take up our Bond Protector. It will limit your liability on the $5,000 Security Bond to $200 instead. This is provided that the breach of the $5,000 Security Bond is not due to your negligence or fault. This is an optional cover and you will need to pay an additional premium for it.

What documents do I need to submit to China Taiping Insurance to buy the Domestic Maid Insurance?

Please provide the following documents for our processing:

  1. Duly Completed Application Form
  2. IPA (In-Principal Approval Letter) or Renewal Notice from MOM 
  3. The Copy of Employer’s IC 
  4. The Copy of Witness’s IC 
  5. The Copy of The Third Party Guarantor’s IC, if required 
  6. The Copy of Domestic Maid’s Passport 
  7. Premium Payment 


Group Hospital & Surgical

Who is eligible for coverage?

Your full-time, permanent and actively at-work employees including contract term employee, aged between 18 years and 60 years (inclusive), renewable up to age 65 years. Dependants of employees are also eligible for coverage, provided the employees are insured under the same policy:

  1. Spouse of your employees, at policy commencement date or at policy renewal, who is aged between 18 years and 60 years (inclusive), renewable up age 65 years.
  2. Unmarried or unemployed child of your employees who are between the ages of 15 days and 18years (inclusive) at policy commencement date or at policy renewal.
  3. Unmarried or unemployed child of your employees who are between the ages of 19 years and 25 years (inclusive) at policy commencement date or at policy renewal if he or she is enrolled in an educational institution on full-time higher education, (and not in full-time national service).

What are the plan options available for Hospital & Surgical Insurance?

We have 4 different plans namely:

  1. Bronze (Annual Policy Limit $75,000),
  2. Silver (Annual Policy Limit $100,000),
  3. Gold (Annual Policy Limit $150,000) &
  4. Titanium (Annual Policy Limit $180,000- As Charged) cater to suit your needs.

What is the minimum eligible group size to be covered under Hospital & Surgical Insurance?

There is no minimum group size to be covered under Hospital & Surgical Insurance.

Will I be covered for any pre-existing conditions?

It is permanently excluded under this Policy.

What is Specified Illness ? Is is covered under this Policy?

Specified Illness refer to Stones in the urinary and billary systems, Hypertension or cardio-vascular diseases, Cataracts, All internal tumour/cysts/nodules/polyps of any kind; breast lump, Nasal conditions requiring surgery, Haemorrhoids, Gastric and duodenal ulcers, Endometriosis.

Specified Illness will only be covered after 12 month continuous cover by the Insured Person under this Policy.

Is there any restriction on ward access?

There is no restriction on ward access; the Insured had an option to choose between government restructured hospital and private hospital. However, Co-insurance of 20% is applicable for treatment at Private Hospital.

Does the policy imposed any waiting period?

Yes there is a 30 days waiting period after the Insured person is first covered under this policy except for accidental injury in which the cover shall commenced immediately.

Is hospitalisation required in order to make a claim under the policy?

Yes and it must be for continuous period of  at least 6 hours for purposes of treatment or Surgery for which the hospital levies a room and board charge.

Does policy offer world wide cover?

Policy covers an Insured Person in his/her country of residence and also while he/she is outside his/her country of residence for period not exceeding ninety (90) consecutive days and limited to the charges equivalent in Singapore Government Restructured Hospital. However, there is no restriction for Emergency Treatment and covered up to the benefit limit stated in your policy schedule.


What are the different types of payment methods available for me to pay my insurance premium?

You can pay the premium by cash, cheque, NETS, AXS stations and credit cards.

How should I make payment by cheque?

Cheque should be made payable to “China Taiping Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd”. Please indicate your name, tax invoice number and contact number on the back of the cheque.

What information do I need to have to pay premium via AXS station?

You need to enter either the Tax Invoice Number or the Policy Number while making payment via AXS station. Please also enter your contact number in order that we could contact you for clarification should the need arises.

What types of credit cards can I use?

We accept both MasterCard and Visa credit cards.

How can I make payment by credit card?

You can make payment by credit card by filling in the Tax Invoice number and your credit card detail, contact number and sign on the payment slip on the lower portion of the Tax Invoice and mail it to us. Alternatively, you can download the Credit Card Payment Instruction Form from our website. Click here to download form.

How can I opt for 0% Interest Instalment Payment Plan (IPP) through credit card?

You may opt for 0% Interest Instalment Payment Plan (IPP) if you are using your OCBC credit card to make payment of $500 and above. You can choose to repay OCBC in 6 monthly instalments or 12 monthly instalments.

How would I receive refund premium if the premium was paid by credit card?

If the premium is paid by credit card, the refund premium relating to the same policy will be refunded through the same credit card.


Policy Owners' Protection Scheme for General Insurance Policyholders

The Policy Owners' Protection (PPF) Scheme is an additional safety net that protects the interests of general insurance policy holders in the event a general insurer fails. The PPF Scheme is administered by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC).

All General Insurance companies are regulated entities in Singapore. The PPF Scheme provides added assurance that there is a compensation scheme for policy owners to reduce the financial impact on individuals in the event an insurer defaults. Experience in other countries has shown that consumers are less likely to panic if and when things go wrong, if there is a mechanism in place to guarantee the safety of insurance policies.

The PPF Scheme provides 100% coverage for the types of general insurance policies covered under the Scheme. No caps are applicable for protection of your general insurance policies.

All insurers registered by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to carry out direct general business (other than captive insurer or specialist insurers) are members of the Policy Owners?Protection Scheme (PPF Scheme members).

What are the types of general insurance policies covered under the PPF Scheme?

All compulsory insurance policies under the Motor Vehicles (Third Party Risks and Compensation) Act and Work Injury Compensation Act and Singapore policies of specified lines issued by registered general insurers which are PPF Scheme members are covered. A Singapore policy insures risks arising in Singapore or where the insured is a Singapore resident or has a permanent establishment in Singapore.

The specified lines covered are:

  1. Personal motor insurance policies
  2. Personal travel insurance policies
  3. Personal property (structure and contents) insurance policies
  4. Foreign domestic maid insurance policies
  5. Individual and group short-term accident and health insurance policies

What types of general insurance policies are not covered under the PPF Scheme?

General insurance policies that are not within the specified lines are not covered. Examples are: -

  1. Property (Structure and Contents) Insurance Policies issued to non-individuals
  2. Tuition Fee Protection Certificates issued to individuals

What does a policy holder need to do to be part of the PPF?

Nothing. Coverage is automatic and there are no charges. Marketing collateral and policy documents of general insurance products will clearly disclose which products are covered under the PPF.

Who is in charge of the PPF?

The Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC) administers the PPF Scheme in Singapore. The SDIC Board is accountable to the Minister in charge of the MAS. For more information on the PPF Scheme, please visit www.gia.org.sg or www.sdic.org.sg .